Woman Gets Squished Between 2 Semi-Trucks On Skagit River Bridge [Photos]

Did you hear about the crazy wreck on the Skagit River bridge yesterday?

A woman was driving a Nissan Altima in between two semitrucks over the bridge.

The semitruck in front of the Nissan slowed down because of traffic, and the Nissan also slowed.

But the semitruck behind the Nissan was unable to stop and struck the Nissan and the Nissan got pushed into the first semitruck, causing the car to fold.

Then the semitruck behind the car came to rest on top of the incredibly squished car!

Incredibly, the woman in the Nissan survive! A tow truck got the semi off her car and she crawled out!

Lady! Whoever you are, please email me at leecallahan@iheartmedia.com.

More photos and full story here at KOMO

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