Nominate A Veteran To Win A Sundance Spa From Aquaquip

Afghan Evacuees At U.S. Military Bases To Fly To U.S. Soon

Photo: Getty Images Europe

At Aqua Quip they know how much our veterans give for our country and we strive to do what we can to give back. While a hot tub might be seen as a luxury item to some, the difference hydrotherapy can make for someone who is in constant paid is undeniable.

If you or a veteran you know could use the benefit of hydrotherapy to help them cope with the pain they now suffer due to their time in the service nominate them at Monday, November 8, 2021, is your last day to nominate.

Don’t know a vet? Every Sundance Spa sold at your local Aqua Quip goes towards giving away another spa to another local vet. Aqua Quip - proudly helping heroes receive the hydrotherapy they deserve.

Listen to Lee Callahan's interview with John Antilla, VP/GM from Aqua Quip:

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