Seattle Water Taxi Crew Saves Capsized Boaters [Photos]

The crew of the Seattle Water Taxi went out of their way to save a couple of boaters near the mouth of the Duwamish on Wednesday. The Doc Maynard had just left West Seattle’s Seacrest Dock on its 12:00 p.m. sailing to downtown Seattle when the crew spotted two people in the water next to a capsized sailboat.

The water taxi pulled next to the sailboat and deployed their rescue platform and life sling, but the two people were unable to use the sling. One of the crew of the Doc Maynard then got into the boat’s rescue suit, went into the water, and assisted the people into the sling and onto the water taxi. Amazing!

The Doc Maynard returned to Seacrest Dock with rescued passengers of the boat and were met by Coast Guard. The boaters worked with the Coast Guard to retrieve their capsized vessel.

See all the glorious photos here.

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