Spotlight on Local Business: Damian John Installations

Photo: (Photo Courtesy of Damian John Installations)

Damian Konasiewicz started Damian John Installations in 2002 after working for others (as part of the Local 1144 Union Drywallers) and discovering that he was better suited to leading a team than following someone else.

He has lead his team of appliance installers from new construction single family homes to high rise condominiums in downtown Seattle.

Damian follows where the market is going and is focused on building out his Apprenticeship Program. He wants to help young workers find a place to learn new skills and make a great living. He used his extra time during COVID-19 to train his team and sharpen their skills. He is passionate about travel, and one day hopes to cook in the city of Paris!

Listen to Damian's insightful interview with Lee Callahan:

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