Who Are Our Favorite Billionaires? [Shocking Results]

Photo: (Getty Images)

Billionaires seem to be in the news more and more. But do we really LIKE these people? According to a new poll, the answer is... mostly.

Oprah appears to be our most liked billionaire, with 45% favorability. But another 45% of respondents view her UNFAVORABLY. The rest said they didn't know.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are viewed favorably by 41% of Americans. But Bill's unfavorability is at 46%, and Warren's is 30%.

Elon Musk rated 39% favorable, 37% unfavorable. And Richard Branson is viewed favorably, 34% to 23%.

The rest on the list have higher UNFAVORABLE ratings than favorable. They are: Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and George Soros. Zuckerberg had the highest unfavorability rating of them all, 60%.

Do you think Jeff will be liked more now since he's gone up in space in his penis rocket?

See the full breakdown at YouGov.com.

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