Bad Driver Goes Viral After Worst Parking Job Ever [Video]

A UK motorist is being hailed as the nation’s “worst parker” after taking a staggering eight minutes to reverse his vehicle into a sizable parking space.

A Facebook clip of the vehicular follies has since gone viral online, the Daily Mail reported.

Andrei Dalca, who filmed the “embarrassing” spectacle from his balcony on June 29, told Kennedy News: “It was frustrating to watch. He could be the worst parker in the UK at the moment. I don’t know who gave him his license, that’s what’s worrying."

Indeed, the accompanying footage shows the incompetent “30-to-40-year-old” motorist repeatedly failing to back his red vehicle into several large parking spots — with empty spaces next to them — while Dalca, 27, and friends narrate the hilarious scene.

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