Woman On A Tractor Tries To Join A Fourth of July Parade And Gets Arrested

The folks in Rockwall, Texas, just outside of Dallas, had a big Fourth of July parade this past weekend. A 61-year-old woman named Laurie Bostic wanted to be IN the parade. She showed up to the staging area on her old, beat-up tractor with a bunch of American flags strapped to it. But they told her she couldn't take part, so she lost her mind.

She tried to join the parade anyway, and here's a video of cops trying to stop her. But she claimed she wasn't breaking any laws and FLOORED it. Warning: F-bombs!)

There were a bunch of kids around, but luckily she didn't hit anyone. Police were able to force her off the road, and she finally stopped after running over a chain-link fence. She's facing charges for disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, evading arrest, and interfering with a processional. 

(Dallas News/KDFW)

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