Daredevil Alex Harvill Dies During World Record Jump In Moses Lake [VIDEO]

Daredevil Alex Harvill is dead after crashing his motorcycle while attempting a world-record jump in central Washington. 

The Grant County Sheriff's Office says the 28-year-old Ephrata-based stuntman was killed yesterday while doing a practice jump at the Moses Lake Airshow at the Grant County International Airport. Harvill was attempting a jump of 351 feet when he landed short and was thrown from his motorcycle. 

Video shows him landing short of the top of a large, sloping dirt mound and getting thrown from his Suzuki 450. Witnesses said his helmet flew off as he tumbled. A coroner is set to conduct an autopsy Friday to determine the cause of death, KIMA reported.

Harvill was taken to a hospital, where he died.

Warning - this is the video of the jump and his crash- and it's very heavy. So sad.

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