12 Recent Things People Have Done That You Won’t Believe Are True

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1.The husband of the South African woman who gave birth to a record 10 babies wants everyone to stop donating to her until she PROVES it happened. He hasn't seen the babies yet, and no doctor has confirmed the birth. (Full Story)

2.There was a time when owning your own home was a part of the American dream. Now, 1-in-6 Americans would prefer to rent, including 1-in-3 young adults under the age of 25. (Full Story)

3.Plastic bottles are now being converted into vanilla flavoring using genetically engineered bacteria. Great. Now, can we turn something into pumpkin spice? (Full Story)

4.White Castle was selling cake slices on a stick, and now, they're taking it to the next level by selling a full-on, eight-piece birthday cake on a stick. (Full Story)

5.Someone stole 160 campaign signs from a woman who's running for mayor in Calgary, Canada. Then, he called her to complain about the signs, using his real name, and outright admitted to jacking them. (Full Story)

6.An 18-year-old girl got locked out of her house, and then decided to try to get in SANTA-STYLE through the CHIMNEY. She got stuck, and had to be rescued by firefighters. It took them a half hour to get her out. (Full Story)

7.A new survey asked people where different landmarks are. Only 38% of Americans knew the Grand Canyon is in Arizona. And one in five thought Niagara Falls was in Iceland. (Full Story)

8.More than half of Americans want to take a "bucket list" trip after the pandemic that they weren't considering before. Internationally, the top spot people are looking at is Rome. Honolulu is #1 in the U.S. (Full Story)

9.What's something you secretly judge people for? A few good ones we saw are when someone always forgets your name, when someone's rude to a waiter, when people over-share on Facebook, and when someone's bathroom is gross. (Full Story)

10.A woman in Michigan got a folding chair stuck around her waist last week, and firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to get her out. It turned out she does fetish videos, where she gets herself stuck in different ways. And people pay $2 a minute to watch her get unstuck. (Full Story)

11.Someone polled over 10,000 Americans and asked how many meals they could make without looking at a recipe. And for 25% of us, it's less than four. That includes 6% of people who said zero. (Full Story)

12.Did you hear about the guy in Massachusetts who almost got eaten by a WHALE on Friday? Well, at least one doctor at the hospital that treated him doubts his story. The guy claims he was 45 feet down, and was in the whale's mouth for about 30 seconds before it brought him to the surface and spit him out. But if it happened that fast, the pressure change should have given him the bends. (Full Story)

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