Top 4 Good News: Strong Neighbors In Vancouver, a Thieving Cat In Oregon...

1. A 63-year-old guy in North Dakota skipped his niece's wedding this month to go gamble in Las Vegas. And now he'll HAVE to buy her a nice wedding gift . . . because he ended up winning $368,000 in a poker tournament.

2. A woman in Oregon realized her cat has been stealing stuff from her neighbors . . . specifically work gloves and gardening gloves. So she's started hanging them up on a clothesline next to a sign that says, "My Cat Is a Thief."

3. A woman who wasn't wearing her seatbelt got thrown from her car in Michigan last week when a guy running from the cops crashed into her. And she was pinned under her own car until a bunch of cops LIFTED it off of her and saved her life.

4. A fire broke out in an apartment building in Vancouver, British Columbia on Thursday. And an old lady couldn't get out by herself. So her neighbors carried her down15 flights of stairs, and no one was hurt.

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