Top 4 Dummies: She Hires A Hitman, Asks For Payment Plan... And 3 More

A woman in Allentown, Pennsylvania is facing charges after she tried to hire a HITMAN to kill her husband . . . and asked if he'd offer her a PAYMENT PLAN.

44-year-old Claudia Carrion met up with the guy on Thursday, and agreed to pay $4,000 for the hit. But she didn't have it upfront. So she asked if she could pay in installments of $100 for 40 weeks. The hitman agreed to it because he was actually an undercover cop. And once she paid the first $100 as a "deposit," they arrested her.

It turns out this wasn't the first time she's tried and FAILED to hire a hitman. She told police that she tried once before . . . but the hitman that time didn't work out either.

Attention-Seeker Alert! A Woman Got Stuck in a Folding Chair While Making a Fetish Video, and Had to Be Rescued by Firefighters...

A whole TV Network is a Dummy:

NBC has indefinitely stopped production of one of its upcoming competition shows after crew came down with "explosive diarrhea." The Wrap reports that about 40 crew members fell ill on the set of "Ultimate Slip 'N Slide," as they collapsed and suffered from violent bouts of diarrhea. It was later confirmed that at least one person tested positive for Giardia, a parasite that can cause diarrhea. The show, filmed in California and originally scheduled to premiere in August, has contestants take on giant slippery rides for cash prizes. A spokesperson says that NBC is investigating the situation, but there is no word on what may have spread the parasite.

Big Dummy Arrested At Kylie Jenner's Home

Kylie Jenner is the latest Kardashian to have an un welcomed visitor show up at their door. TMZ reports a 35-year-old man recently went to Kylie's Los Angeles area house and demanded to see her. This was not the first time the man has allegedly shown up to Jenner's home, but he normally is fairly compliant. He was booked on a trespassing charge, but releases.  

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