Top 4 Losers Of The Day: Sisters Shoot Homeless With BB Guns

Homeless tent

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Top Losers #1 Two Ohio sisters accused of shooting at homeless people with a BB gun have turned themselves in. Authorities say 29-year-old Brittany Hopper and her 28-year-old sister Kelsey surrendered to police this week and now face assault charges. They allegedly drove around Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine district last week, shooting at people in at least four locations, injuring two of them. Officers have yet to identify a man who was also involved in the shootings.

Top Loser #2 An infamous surgeon in Britain can practice again despite his assault conviction for initialing patient's organs. In 2017, Simon Bramhall paid a fine and performed community service after it was discovered that he used a surgical laser to put his initials on the livers of two patients while operating. His license was also suspended. However, earlier this month, The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service ruled in a private hearing that Bramhall's ability to perform surgery wasn't impaired despite his disturbing actions. This decision means that he could potentially becoming a working surgeon again.

Top Loser #3 An OnlyFans model is running for a spot in Mexican parliament on a promise of free boob jobs for all women. Rocio Pino, a member of the Progressive Social Networks party, has launched her campaign for office in Mexico's Chamber of Deputies. The political hopeful told the DailyStar she wants every woman to enjoy their breasts, and she will make sure cancer survivors are at the front of the line for the free augmentations. Her now-viral campaign features slogans centered around breasts and various promo pictures of her naked body. 

Top Losers #4 More creepy sisters:
These two weren't happy with the price of a mani-pedi they got at a nail salon in Houston recently . . . so they SHOT the owner. He's in critical but stable condition. Both sisters have been arrested. 

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