The 10 Worst Things Houseguests Do (Don't Be This Guy)

Content man lying on couch at home with bowl of potato chips watching TV

Wanna be a good houseguest or visitor now that we're going over to our friend's again?
Here are, according to a scientific study, the top 10 worst things a guest does:

1. Wiping their greasy hands on your sofa.

2. Putting their feet on the couch with shoes on. So we REALLY care about our sofas.

3. Going upstairs, or into your bedroom without asking.

4. Showing up with a dog without asking first.

5. Going through your medicine cabinet.

6. Walking in the front door without knocking.

7. Openly PASSING GAS in the house. One in four people also said that if you're only there a few hours, you shouldn't use the bathroom for anything more than peeing.

8. Changing channels on the TV without asking.

9. Not taking the hint that it's time to leave.

10. Showing up and THEN asking to stay the night.

A few more that made the list are: Not using coasters . . . leaving the toilet seat up . . . and asking for the Wi-Fi password too soon. (On average, people said you should wait 50 minutes before you ask for it. Who knew?)

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