Bad Boyfriend Sends Notes on Netflix After Ex Blocks Him on Social Media

Carmen found out her boyfriend was cheating. Carmen broke up with him. Carmen blocked his number. Carmen blocked him on social media.

The boyfriend denied that he had ever cheated. He wanted to keep pleading his case. He now had no way to get in touch with Carmen. So he figured out a way to contact her through NETFLIX.

They were still sharing an account! And Netflix allows up to five profiles that show up side-by-side when you launch the app. So he kept changing the names of each profile to write notes to Carmen.

They're in Spanish. But the first one translates as, "I swear I'm innocent" . . . another one says "I love you" and talks about her ignoring him . . . and a third one says, "Please talk to me on WhatsApp."

It's not clear if she ever called him, but it doesn't sound like she took him back. 


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