Hey Fully Vaccinated Peeps: You Get Tons Of Great Stuff At Mariners Games!

Got your vaccine? $10 or $20 seats and rewards are now available for fully vaccinated* fans through June 2nd! And you get to sit in the Vaccinated Only sections, close to other people.

*Full vaccination is defined as having received a final vaccination dose at least two weeks prior to game date (i.e., second dose of Pfizer/Moderna or single dose of Johnson & Johnson).

And if you're not vaccinated yet, you can get vaccinated at the game and still get the goodies! Click here for info on getting your shot at T-Mobile Park.

With tickets starting as low as $10, fully vaccinated* fans receive fan rewards including:

  • Access to The ‘Pen and Trident Deck to view pregame batting practice.
  • Exclusive access to The T-Mobile 'Pen and Trident Deck.
  • Exclusive #SeaUsRise Mariners t-shirt. Valid through 5/19.
  • Save 20% off food and beverages Valid through 5/19.
  • Save 20% off at the Mariners Team Store. Valid through 5/19

See the details here!

Hear my interview with Gregg Greene here:

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