Florida Woman Poses as a High School Student to Gain Instagram Followers

(File Photo Getty Images)

In an incident out of Hialeah, Florida, a woman is accused of sneaking into a high school to commit crimes—and, apparently, to get the word out about her Instagram page.

According to an arrest report cited by NBC Miami, 28-year-old Audrey Francisquini on Monday morning donned a backpack and clothes that resembled those a teen would wear, picked up a skateboard, and walked through the front door of American Senior High School in Hialeah. Pretending she was a student, Francisquini wandered the school's halls, handing out pamphlets that featured her Instagram handle and asking students to follow her, per the report. Security at one point stopped Francisquini, who said she was looking for the registration office. But Francisquini allegedly kept wandering the halls, pushing her pamphlets before she was stopped a second time by security.

Francisquini allegedly refused to stop this time around, at which point security notified school officials of a "potential threat on campus," per CBS Miami. Police say she managed to slip out a side door and flee school grounds, but they were able to track her to her North Miami Beach home via her Instagram account and arrest her.

Francisquini is being held at Miami-Dade County Jail on a $2,000 bond, charged with burglary, interference with an educational institution, and resisting arrest without violence.Is being a dork a crime, too? In this case, yes.

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