Olympic Hot Tub, You, and The Washington State Nurses Foundation

Lee Callahan, Mornings on 96.5 Jack FM

This April, Olympic Hot Tub will be raising funds to benefit the Emergency Assistance Grant Program for the Washington State Nurses Foundation.

The WSNF helps provide financial assistance to qualified students who are on a path to nursing. They also work on encouraging continuing diversity within the nursing profession and help recruit those who may find nursing an ideal career.

In addition, The Emergency Assistance Grants Program fund provides grants to nurses who experience an injury, fall ill, or find themselves disabled. They also help in times when other crises arise. The grant helps with rent, food, medical bills and more.

It was astonishing and heartrending to learn that this vital program has been out of funds for more than a year!! It immediately made it clear that, if we could help, we would. If you or someone you know is thinking of purchasing a hot tub or swim spa, this is the month to do it! We will be donating funds from every purchase. Our goal is to raise at least $22,000 to help, and I sincerely hope we sail past that goal. We’d also encourage any of you who would like to do so to donate directly to the Washington State Nurses Foundation. - Don Riling, President of Olympic Hot Tub

Hear my interview with Don Riling and the president of the Washington State Nurses Foundation, Sue Glass, here:

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