National Wildlife Week Is On! 4/5-4/9

Orca Whale - A favorite Washington resident

By Lee Callahan

From carnivorous squirrels and ancient rodents to “snot otter” salamanders and wild pigs that aren’t actually pigs, America’s wildlife is more curious than you might think.

This National Wildlife Week celebrates the diversity of wildlife in America, along with some of the most unusual animals, unique behaviors, and unexpected facts about the wildlife you thought you knew. Even species you think you know have strange secrets to reveal.

National Wildlife Week is an opportunity for people of all ages to reconnect with wildlife and enjoy the great outdoors. A few ways we can we do this: 

  • Get kids outside--go on a scavenger hunt for spring
  • Have fun with nature! Take the “What Unique Animal Are You?” quiz
  • Plant a tree
  • Cultivate a garden to support bees, butterflies, and birds
  • Urge your leaders to prioritize efforts to recover wildlife and secure our wildlife heritage and access to the outdoors for future generations
  • Check out some nature-themed gifts while supporting the NWF’s mission of helping wildlife thrive in a rapidly changing world

Hear my interview with David Mizejewski, a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation, here:

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