Michael Strahan Filled His Gap! or Did He?

Diastema refers to a gap or space between the teeth. These spaces can form anywhere in the mouth, but are sometimes noticeable between the two upper front teeth. This condition affects both adults and children. In children, gaps may disappear once their permanent teeth grow in.

Not Michael! But now, 49 years later, he had it filled. I think he looks better!

But wait! Is it a permanent fix? 

According to reports, it's a removable dental piece that gives Strahan's smile "the look of a filled-in tooth line". And, well, April Fool's Day is right around the corner. Also, just last week Strahan tweeted "I rock my gap with pride!"

Do you think the change is permanent, or part of a publicity stunt? He is a media whore! If it's real, could Strahan actually be harming his image by fixing the iconic gap?

Read the whole story and see a great photo here.

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