Couple Gets Complaint Letter From Neighbor For 'Body-Clapping-Sounding Sex'

Afraid of bad news or loud music

An allegedly loud neighbor in Brisbane, Australia who just moved into a new apartment, got a long and deeply personal letter from the folks next door.

The note says, "Dear noisy neighbors . . . your walls are paper thin. We were woken up this morning around 12:30 A.M. . . . with the sounds of doggy-style-body-clapping-sounding sex with loud moaning and groaning."

"Please please please close your windows when you have sex because it is not sexy at all. If this happens again, we will call in for noise control and will name and shame your address on the [local] Facebook group."

"There are recovering sex and porn addicts living in the [apartments] next to you who would appreciate that you keep any nudity and sex-capades private like normal, respectful people do."

Click onto Reddit here for the entire post and letter.

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