Mariners CEO Under Fire After Saying Stupid Stuff On Controversial Video

By Lee Callahan

Raise your bats if you think this doofus should get canned...

Seattle Mariners CEO Kevin Mather is in the doghouse with some of his players after a controversial video surfaced of him speaking to the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club over the weekend.  The whole video is chock full of slams and slurs.

At 12:40 he starts slamming Mitch Haniger (he's got a chip on his shoulder) and then immediately calls a new pitcher 'boring.'

Mather made a comment about star prospect Jarred Kelenic for not signing the proposed long-term deal the Mariners offered him and Julio Rodriguez for not having "tremendous English," which Mather added would hold him back. 

The entitled CEO also called Kyle Seager 'overpaid' and that he was "tired of paying" Hisashi Iwakuma's interpreter. 

Mather has since apologized for his comments, saying "I will do whatever it takes to repair the damage I have caused to the Seattle Mariners organization."

When teams suck - look at the health of the head. This unhealthy leader is pretentious. He just loves that he has the inside skinny on his players. But with all of his privilege, feels obviously better and smarter than them, and that he has the right to gossip about them. This guy has got to go. Now. The players will be energized. No one likes a crappy leader. After 19 years of not making it to the playoffs, just watch the players soar when they let this clown go. Get a damn CEO who respects the players.

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