Armie Hammer Drops Out of New Movie Amid Cannibalism Controversy

Armie Hammer, 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards

Just when you're all ready to make a movie with J-Lo, someone accuses you of cannibalism! This probably happens all the time in Hollywood...

Actor Armie Hammer (Call Me My By Name) was to set to star in Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez, but has since dropped out of the movie. Armie is accused of being a cannibal after graphic messages and photos were leaked online from what is said to be his account. They were leaked by another social media user.

Said Hammer in a release, "I'm not responding to these BS claims."

He continued that due to the viciousness of the claims and the attacks, he could not in good conscience, leave his kids for four months to film a movie. More on the story here.

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