For Sale: K.I.T.T. From Knight Rider

Here’s a Hoffer you can’t refuse.

David Hasselhoff is auctioning off the AI-enhanced Knight Industries Two Thousand car — a k a “K.I.T.T.” — from his 1980s TV show “Knight Rider” for an estimated $300,000.

The 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is described as a “FULLY FUNCTIONAL K.I.T.T. CAR WITH FULL CONVERSION CAR LOCATED IN U.K.,” according to the automobile’s listing on

Unfortunately, the prop K.I.T.T. doesn’t boast any of the capabilities of its sentient on-screen counterpart, which could talk, drive itself and even inexplicably jump when the Hoff’s crimefighting character activated a “turbo boost” function — think a good “Christine.”

However, the automotive assistant sports a command center-esque dashboard that lights up just like in “Knight Rider.”

In addition, Hasselhoff, 68, will personally deliver the car to the new owner if they pay 25% above the asking price, per the site. (Winners who pay less will be responsible for the delivery expense.)

The current bid sits at $375,000 with a maximum of $975,000, so prospective buyers will need to place a sizable offer if they want to purchase K.I.T.T. at the live auction, which kicks off at noon EST on January 23.

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