Violent Anti-Masker Man Rants At Grocery Staff And Carried Away By Son

A full-grown adult male was caught on video screaming at people in a local grocery store for WEARING MASKS IN PUBLIC to help combat the spread of COVID-19..

A Reddit user posted the video showing the man's violent temper tantrum, and eventually being carried out of the store by his full-grown sons.

The cleanest things he screamed were, “You’re a bunch of idiots. You know it’s not real,” the “it” being COVID-19 which has killed over 163,000 Americans so far this year according, to data from Johns Hopkins University. Just when you couldn’t feel any sorrier for his kids, the ranting father squeezes out a fart. A perfect accent on a perfectly horrible display of hatred and ignorance.

The unedited version is here -this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or YOUR KIDS.

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