Chris Carrabba Makes A Big 'Change' Two Months After His Motorcycle Crash

ABC And Marvel Honor Stan Lee

ABC And Marvel Honor Stan Lee

It's been two months since Chris Carrabba was hospitalized following a serious motorcycle accident, and the Dashboard Confessional decided to mark the milestone by making a striking physical change. He's been rocking a burly, big beard for a while now and on Saturday (August 8) shared a bare-faced Instagram photo.

"Today marks two months since my motorcycle accident," Carrabba captioned the post. "I needed to make a change."

We imagine the beard will return as quarantine continues, but for now it's pretty crazy to see the singer's smooth face! Check out his post below.

Last month, Carrabba showed fans the site of the crash in an Instagram video.

"Six weeks ago this ditch is where I was laying," he said in the clip. "There’s bits of car from different accidents that’ve been in the same spot, and I think I was laying down there somewhere [points camera to location]. There’s the tree that I missed, there’s the other tree that I missed."

"I’m really lucky. I’m really lucky to be alive," he concluded his message.

In June, Carrabba announced he was discharged from the hospital. “Over the last week my legs got stronger and stronger,” he captioned an Instagram post at the time. “I walked the same hallway in seemingly infinite laps and it has led me HOME! Thank you for your kindness and support. The hardest work is to come.”

Photo: Getty Images

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