Woman Finds Lizard Head In Jar Of Vegan Spaghetti Sauce [Photo]

(File Photo of Lizard - Getty Images)

What's The Big Deal? Lizards are delicious...

A 47-year-old UK woman found a very unwelcome ingredient in her pasta - a dismembered lizard head. Polly Wheaton says she had nearly finished her vegan bolognese when she came across the scaly surprise, which she believes can from a jar of sauce.

Wheaton told The Mirror that the experience was, "traumatizing" and "my daughter still can't eat properly after this." Lidl, the German-based grocery chain where Wheaton bought the sauce, has apologized and promised a "thorough investigation".

Ever find something unwelcome in your food? Did you find it before taking a bite?

More on the story and photos here.

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