Johnny Depp Gave Daughter Weed at 13

Johnny Depp (Getty Images)

More details are emerging in the case of Johnny Depp vs News Group Newspapers (NGN), the parent company of the U.K tabloid The Sun, who he is suing for libel over an article where he was called a “wife-beater.”

The article surrounded his marriage to Amber Heard and during cross-examination Depp was asked about his marijuana habit. Depp admitted he smoked and that marijuana was,"very helpful with regard to anxiety, sleep, sense of well-being, calmness."

When asked if he "encouraged” his then 13-year-old daughter, Lily Rose, to use marijuana, Depp said he told his daughter,

"Listen, sweetheart, if you are at a party and someone hands you the joint, take the joint from that person and pass it to the next person… don’t experiment with drugs with people you don’t know."

He continued saying he asked Lily Rose to “come to him when you’re really ready.”

Depp says his ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, also talked to Lily Rose about marijuana use and said,"If that is wrong in your eyes, I appreciate what you think but I was raising a daughter and I was being a responsible parent as far as I was concerned."

Do you agree that giving your child alcohol or marijuana if they are curious about it at a young age will keep them from experimenting in a dangerous way?

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