Georgia Men Drink Disinfectants to Combat Coronavirus

Two Georgia men were hospitalized after drinking disinfectants in an effort to fight the Coronavirus. Both men suffered from psychiatric issues, Gaylord Lopez, director of the Georgia Poison Center said that one of the men drank 16 ounces of bleach. 

The other man drank Pine-Sol mixed with mouthwash, beer and pain medicine. Lopez says that it’s unclear if the men drank the disinfectants due to hearing the president speak of it during a press conference last week, their job is to make sure the patients are treated. 

There has been a rise in calls to the Georgia Poison Center relating to disinfectants being ingested, however, Lopez believes the reason is due to product mixing. 

"When you mix bleach with certain types of chemicals, you produce a reaction that can cause release of noxious and toxic gases, and if you inhale enough of this stuff, you can induce a chemical pneumonia,"Lopez. 

More on the story here.

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