Viral Naked Challenge Shows Distracted People Getting Surprised By Nudity

With stay-in mandates across the globe, plenty of people are spending their days in their homes. Remarkably, with all that free time people now have, no idiotic challenges have arisen yet, like the Tide Pod Challenge, where people ate the detergent packets, or the Bird Box Challenge, where people did things, like driving, blindfolded. A new challenge has started to go viral though.

It's called the Naked Challenge and it takes advantage of the fact that many people are stuck inside with their significant others. In the challenge, men and women surprise their partner by approaching them nude while their partner is distracted. You could spend all day on TikTok watching the partners' reactions.

Some boyfriends and girlfriends are in a stunned shock while others immediately drop everything and run up to their lover - one even falls flat on his face while he tries to.

Not a bad way to keep things exciting during these rough times.

Photo: YouTube