New Party Game: Jenga Jell-O Shots

Three Words To Spice Up Any Party: Jell-O Shot Jenga - You won't care if your Jenga stack topples over!

How do you turn a quiet evening soriée into a raging all-night party? Get some drinking games going. On Etsy-StonePointWoodwork, this genius sells a version of Jenga - with a twist. Hidden inside 15 of the game's 54 pieces are slots to fill with Jell-O shots.

Creator Brian Calteaux has pulled out all the stops too. Included in the set, which starts at $79, are 25 1-oz. Jell-O shot cups with lids. And to preserve the instruction guide from spills, he had it laminated. It seems to be quite the popular item. A note on the site reads, "We are busy in the workshop making more!"


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