Couple Fakes Engagement To Get Free Drinks From Strangers

(File Photo - Getty Images)

An Alabama couple decided to fake an engagement in order to get free drinks.

Corinne Miller and her boyfriend Adam Carroll went on vacation to Atlanta and wanted to save money so they came up with a plan. Carroll got down on one knee and pretended to ask for Corinne’s hand in marriage. Other customers were so excited about being a part of their special moment that they started giving the couple free shots. Carroll and Miller’s plan worked so well that they went to another bar and got “engaged” again. Six months later Carroll asked Miller to marry him, for real this time, at his birthday party in front of friends and family. 

"We both have the exact same humor,” said 29-year-old Miller, “that's one of the main components of our relationship."

Miller added she’s happy they did it: "It definitely saved us some cash so Adam could get me a real engagement ring!"

You know what they say, Corinne - No good relationship begins with a lie. Just sayin.'

Full Story plus actual photos of the big dorks here.

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