Want Some KISS Swag? "We will put our brand on anything."

An employee for Japanese character goods maker Sanrio displays Hello Kitty dolls designed like the US rock band KISS, at Sanrio's headquarters in Tokyo on February 7, 2012. Sanrio, which collaborated on the products with the band, will put them on sale in the near future. (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP via Getty Images)

KISS - They're coming to The Gorge - Win Tix - Listen at :35 past all day.

KISS - and their merchandise- cast a wide net, producing a plethora of items for adults and children. Paul Stanley once proudly said, "We will put our brand on anything."

The KISS lunchbox was a prized possession for kids during the 1970's, and the KISS comic book was purported to have the band members' blood blended into the ink. HA!

As of 2018, you can go on the KISS website and buy water bottles, shirts, cell phone covers, and even a waffle maker. For this year's Valentine present, don't miss the Hello Kitty KISS dolls.

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