Lee Callahan Says ‘Go See Charlie’s Angels’

l’ve been around since the beginning. Since the times in high school and we would lay around and watch Farah, and Kate, and Jacqueline. We all picked our favorite Angel, even when the replacements arrived in the early 80s.

Then I fell In love with the franchise all over again when Cameron, Lucy, and Drew portrayed the Angels as women not to be toyed with, set in a thrilling comedy. Both movies were like candy.

Count me three times thrilled when I sat down in the theater and Elizabeth Banks’ version lived up to the escapist and comedic romp every Angels movie should be.

I must admit, however, that when the angels in this version were not immediate best buddies but actual strangers, that I was a bit confused and disappointed. But I love this version because we got to see them bond and become friends in that sisterhood of kickassery. Also, super fun to see Kristen Stewart in a role where she smiles, and pretty much all the time.

Go! Have fun! 5 thumbs up!

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