Louisiana Man Steals Motorized Shopping Cart Hoping To Avoid A DWI

A drunk Louisiana man was arrested after he allegedly stole a motorized shopping cart to go bar hopping. Brice Kendall Williams, 32, told police that he took the shopping cart because he didn't want to risk getting a DWI by driving his car to another bar.

When William showed up at the second bar, one of the patrons called the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office to report that he was driving a motorized shopping cart that had been taken from a Walmart that was about a half-mile away.

When officers arrived, they found the electric-powered shopping cart parked between two other cars in the parking lot. Williams was taken into custody and charged with one felony count of unauthorized use of a moveable. His bond was set at $2,500. It is unclear if he posted bail or if he remains locked up.

Photo: Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office

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