Top 10 Crazy Money-Making Ideas

Some people have become super rich from some pretty ordinary items, according to Listverse, which is definitely a blow to anyone who has ever said, "I wish I had thought of that first."

Jason Sadler earned a cool $45K selling the rights to his last name. He legally became known as Jason Headsetsdotcom for a short time, before grabbing another $50K as Jason Sufrapp.

In the '70s, Gary Dahl convinced people to buy rocks and keep them as pets. (Seriously, the Pet Rock.)

Even more incredible, two Canadian entrepreneurs captured air from the Rocky Mountains and made money selling each can for $24.

Artist Piero Manzoni believed that his own waste was just as valuable as gold. In 1961, he put his money where was butt was, and canned ninety tins of his own poop and tried to sell it to his patrons.

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