Incredible Video Shows Newborn Twins Reaching Out To Hold Hands

Everyone knows that twins have a special bond - some claim to even be able to know what the other is thinking. It's really no surprise since the siblings spend nine months together in the womb. However, seeing evidence of that bond moments after twins are born would be pretty shocking, yet that's exactly what two newborn sisters displayed last summer. The girls' mom, Ceci, who recently graduated college majoring in nutrition, posted an incredible video of her daughters reaching out for each other's hands, then holding onto one another as they nursed.

Even the nurses, who had seen hundreds of births, commented on how they never witnessed anything like it before.

In fact, Ceci told Buzzfeed that the daughter on the left was born first and, according to preliminary screenings, was the stronger of the two. The other girl barely passed some tests and Ceci suspects her sister knew the younger one needed some strength so her older sister held her hand.

These days, the girls look quite different and also don't really behave the same as they did when they were newborns. According to Ceci, at 14 months old, one of her daughters gets annoyed by needing to share while "one is nicer." Also, when she takes one shopping and leaves the other with their father, "they don't really notice the other is gone."

You can follow Ceci's postpartum videos on YouTube and check out her nutrition tips on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/FitBreezyLife

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