Lee Callahan Reviews "Brittany Runs A Marathon"

What were you like in your twenties? Full of dreams and on the right track to fulfilling them? Or like me, lost in a wasteland of fast food, booze and poor decisions?

If you were or are currently like me, then you're in good company because Brittany is on our losing team! Oh, the despair of her life, which is multiplied by the fact that she's so unclear that she doesn't seem to know she is in despair. You''ll have to see for yourself what gets her moving, literally, and training for a life-changing marathon. But it's not all uphill from there (another marathon analogy, sorry) as there are many hilarious and poignant moments along the way.

We've seen Jillian Bell in many supporting roles, and she does not waste her shot on playing the lead in this indie that reads as a big Hollywood feature. It's all so well done, and yes, despite much downhill sliding on the part of Brittany, it's inspirational.

My score: B + and highly recommended!

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