Say It Ain't So! Otter Pops Are Brown

2018 GOOD+ Foundation's 3rd Annual Halloween Bash Presented by Delta Air Lines and Otter Pops

Otter Pops - those pink, orange, green and blue frozen confections - are now light brownish-yellow color. Why? The Otter Pops peeps are saying it’s a healthier alternative to the colorful treats.

Worry not, all of the original Otter Pops flavors remain the same in the new fruit juice pops, including Sir Isaac Lime, Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Alexander the Grape, Strawberry Short Kook, Poncho Punch and Little Orphan Orange.

The brown Otter Pops, which launched in 2018, are made out of 100 percent fruit juice, with no artificial flavors or colors. The ingredients of the fruit juice popsicles include water, apple juice from concentrate and sugar — but no artificial colors, giving the treats their brown hue.

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