Please Tom Cruise, Fight With Justin. You Gotta Bieber The Hell Out Of Him.

At some point, there's no stopping this train, so we might as well prepare to see Tom Cruise step into the Octagon with Justin Bieber.

TMZ Sportscaught up with UFC contender Ben Askren for his thoughts on a matchup between the Hollywood star and pop singer. According to the Bellator welterweight champ, "Justin Bieber seems like a wimp".

When asked to choose the winner, Askren picks Cruise, saying, "Like, Tom Cruise at least seems like he's probably been through some sh*t."

Askren, who goes by the nickname Funky, offered some tips to Cruise for the bout, revealing, "All I'd teach him is [the double leg takedown] and then beat his ass ... little typewriter action on his face!"

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