$76 Bikini Leaves Woman Looking Like A Smurf For Absurd Reason

When most people buy a bikini, there's a fairly good chance that they plan to go for a swim while wearing it - especially if it costs 76 dollars. That might explain why one woman named Alisha didn't think twice about getting her new blue and gold sequined bikini wet, but when she did, she ended up "stained blue like a smurf." She tweeted about the surprising experience, calling out Pretty Little Things, where she bought the swimwear, because, as she later learned, the listing for the bikini had some fine print that states the suit is for "poolside posing only," something she calls "absolutely laughable."


The 22-year-old spoke to England's Mirror Online about what happened, explaining, "I was in a spa when I wore it so I was stained blue like a smurf, I was just in shock - really it was funny looking back. And then I hand washed [the bikini] as they suggested and it was just pouring out [blue], it smelt so awful so I was concerned then."

Alisha also tweeted out the company's response to her, which included an apology and a full refund, but she is still annoyed. She said, "It's also mad how Instagram influencers have led to these sort of products being produced in mainstream fashion."

Photo: Getty


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