Landlord Finds Seven-Foot Alligator When Trying To Evict Tenant

A Missouri landlord's attempt to evict one of his tenants hit a snag when he discovered a seven-foot alligator hanging out in a hot tub on the property. He immediately called city officials who dispatched animal control officers to wrangle the 200-pound reptile. The alligator was too much for them, so they had to call a specialist to coax the animal out. 

“While our animal health officers are very highly trained, that is a little out of their expertise,” John Baccala, a spokesman for the city’s Neighborhood and Housing Services department told the Kansas City Star. “We were called in and were told what was inside and get it off of the property.”

Animal control officers also found three pythons and a rabbit in the home.

Sean Casey, who was living in the house, said the alligator's name was Catfish and he had him for four years.

“He had his own way of saying, ‘Hi,’ to people,” Casey said. “They’re not big ferocious animals like people think. They have personalities.”

Casey hopes he can get his alligator back, but it is unlikely because it is illegal for people to own them as a pet. Catfish has been taken to the Monkey Island Rescue and Sanctuary, while authorities decide how to proceed.