Massive House Explosion In Pennsylvania Felt In New Jersey

A massive explosion leveled a 9,000 square foot home in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, sending out shockwaves that were felt in New Jersey

Authorities said they believe a gas leak was to blame for the explosion, which rocked the township on Sunday night. The blast sent debris scattering throughout the neighborhood, causing serious damage to other homes. Neighbors said it sounded like a bomb went off.

"It sounded like the biggest bomb I'd seen in my life. It was just so loud. And the concussion was so great; the whole house shook," one of the neighbors told ABC6.

Officials explained that the explosion was so powerful that people who lived over 20 miles away in New Jersey called 911 to report they could feel the blast. 

Luckily, the owners were staying at a gatehouse on the property due to ongoing renovations and were unharmed in the blast. Their home was 75% destroyed, with just a few walls left standing.

PECO, the energy company who handles gas in the area, sent investigators to the scene. They are working with the local police and fire department to determine if a gas leak was responsible for the blast. They are using heavy machinery to clear debris from the basement so they can find out what happened.