Celebrities Caught Green Handed

You can always bet on the air to get a little cloudier on a day like April 20, courtesy of all things marijuana. That’s right. The annual day devoted to weed is upon us and we already know that plenty of folks will be reveling in the greenery. Oh, and celebrities are part of the culture, too. In honor of 420, iHeartRadio has rounded up several photos of your favorite stars caught green handed. From Lady Gaga to Rihanna and Ty Dolla $ign, it’s a not so hidden secret that these stars enjoy lighting up. Scroll on below to see a handful of celebrities that love themselves some weed.  


Photo: Splash News

If you took a listen to ZAYN’s debut album, Mind of Mine, then you already know that weed is something that works very well with his R&B-charged material. In a previous interview with ES Magazine, the former One Direction bandmate admitted that bud is “part of [his] life for certain things. “I find it helps me be creative. Some people say it kills your ambition, some people say it destroys your personality. Personally, I haven’t had any of them experiences yet,” he explained.

2. Lady Gaga

Photo: Splash News

Lady Gaga is an avid weed smoker, as seen in her 2017 doc, Gaga Five Foot Two. Apart from the project, Mother Monster has also previously admitted that she smoked weed to help her heal from surgery, particularly the major hip procedure that she underwent in 2013. 

3. Schoolboy Q

Photo: Getty Images

ScHoolboy Q loves himself weed so much that he spends around $6,000 every month on it. “I spend like $6,000 a month on weed. It’s like an ounce every other day,” he previously admitted in an interview with AlLinstrom.

4. Ty Dolla $ign

Photo: Getty Images

Ty Dolla $ign makes sure to bring weed with him at all kinds of different events. Just take a look at him lighting up at The Friends Keep Secrets Grammy After Party 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. 

5. Lil Wayne and Drake

Photo: Splash News

Lil Wayne and Drake know a thing or two about smoking weed. In fact, do you remember when Weezy was kicked off a private jet for lighting up? You gotta pay attention to the wishes of the captain and crew. 

6. Waka Flocka Flame

Photo: Getty Images

Waka Flocka Flame was once faced with a rumor that he smoked too much weed and had to be hospitalized for the consumption. Even though his rep denied the whispers, he definitely did consume a whole lot during that trip to Seattle in 2016. By his count, he smoked at least 20 blunts and ate plenty of edibles.

7. Snoop Dogg

Photo: Getty Images

It's very well known that Snoop Dogg frequently indulges in marijuana. In fact, he has been arrested for possession of the drug SIX times. While he hopes for national legalization of the green stuff, he recently invested in a weed delivery service! Think of it as the "Uber for weed."

8. Rihanna

Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna is also known to occasionally light up. She even had pot leaves on the side of her gold cake for her 27th birthday. But apparently for Badgalriri, there is no better place to indulge in a joint than at Coachella.

Here she is in 2012 at the annual festival, and just recently admitted she created a joint that she based with a cigarette, when she was accused of using cocaine at this year's Coachella.

9. Miley Cyrus

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If you've ever been to Miley Cyrus' Instagram page, then you already know she's pro-marijuana. In fact, while on stage at the 2013 MTV EMAs in Amsterdam, she lit up right on TV! When in Amsterdam...

10. Wiz Khalifa

Photo: Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio

Wiz Khalifa was busted in May 2014 during a TSA check. Officials found a "green leafy substance" on him. The rapper went to jail where he was tweeting photos of himself along with the hashtag #FreeTrapWiz.

11. Rick Ross

Photo: Getty Images

Rick Ross the Boss has also been arrested in connection with weed. He was caught by cops after his show in 2014, stemming from a year-old warrant for another arrest for marijuana possession.

12. DMX

Photo: Getty Images

DMX was not only arrested, but served a 15-day jail sentence for marijuana possession in 2000!

13. Notorious B.I.G.

Photo: Getty Images

Notorious B.I.G. was caught with marijuana and firearms in July 1996 after police searched his home.

14. Willie Nelson

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Like his pal Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson is also a connoisseur of marijuana. He was arrested four times for possession, but is now set to open multiple weed stores and will launch his own brand of weed!

15. Carlos Santana

Photo: Getty Images

Carlos Santana was busted for weed after authorities found the drug in his suitcase at the airport in Houston in 1991. We'd say weed is definitely on the TSA's "Don't" list.

16. Bob Marley

Photo: Getty Images

This one is obvious, but Bob Marley was actually arrested and fined for pot possession in 1977 while in London.



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