Prince's Official Memoir Coming This Fall

Prince Struck a Deal for His Memoir Weeks Before He Died

Prince Struck a Deal for His Memoir Weeks Before He Died

Prince's official memoir will be published near the end of 2018, according to the iconic singer's literary agent Esther Newberg

The project was put into motion in a deal struck a matter of weeks before Prince's death in 2016. Titled, The Beautiful Ones, the original due date was in last fall, reports Variety

Newberg, who also represents Disney CEO Bob Iger and actor Tom Hanks, appeared on Variety's weekly "Strictly Business" podcast, which you can hear below. 

Newberg recalled that Prince himself had submitted about 50 handwritten pages by the time of his death. The pages may be reproduced for readers in the book.

Prince himself announced during a 2016 appearance in New York that journalist Dan Piepenbring (of The New Yorker) was helping him with the book. Prince said at the time that the book takes readers from his earliest childhood memories to his most triumphant moments, "all the way to the Super Bowl." 

Apparently three editors made the trip to Prince's Paisley Park estate in Minnesota to make pitches to him for the memoir. Newberg underscored how unusual a situation it was.

"Editors don't like to be in the same room making their pitches to the same potential clients. We had to do it because I knew he would not want to meet individually with editors."

Eventually Prince struck a deal with Speigel & Grau of Random House. Prince reportedly said the publishers "made me an offer I can't refuse."

The book is expected to be available in time for the holiday season.

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