Woman's Knee Looks Just Like President Trump

President Donald Trump has been all over the news lately, but that's not the only place where people are seeing him - he's just been spotted in an Instagram post that has nothing to do with politics. 

Kelsey Darragh posted a photo of herself standing in front of wall wearing sunglasses, cutoff jeans and a floppy hat. It was an innocent picture and while Kelsey looked great in it, no one would've looked twice at the shot... until one of her followers made a comment that has caused the pic to go viral. 

The guy pointed out how much Kelsey's knee resembled the Commander-in-Chief

It might take you a couple seconds, but if you look at it at just the right angle you'll be able to see it too. 

It's the the first random place Trump has shown up - his image has also been seen on a floor tile and even in a dog's ear.

Photo Credit: Getty