Dad Throws Baby Girl So High Up That The Internet Is Shook

When it comes to making their child laugh, fathers will go to great lengths. Plenty of people have seen a dad making a fool of himself in public to get a giggle out of his kid. Whether it's funny faces, goofy sounds or tossing a child up in the air, if it gets the laugh, a proud pop will do it. 

And while moms are fine with faces and noises, when it comes to throwing a baby in the air, plenty of mothers will put their foot down. However, that didn't stop one dad from lofting his little girl into the air, but unaware of his own strength, the muscular man wound up sending his kid so high up that after he safely caught her, he wound up having to hang his head in shame as women around him yelled at him. 

Not surprisingly, the Internet is having a field day with the video:

Twitter is also loving the reactions of the women in the vid:

Thankfully no one was injured in the throw - the girl landed safely and the dad got away with just a tongue lashing.