Seattle's Best Make Out Spots

Lee Callahan here. Part of my duties here include writing articles for this here website. I called on the skills of our faithful Jack listeners to help me out with this one (on Jack's Facebook Page.)

This list if for all you romantics out there: SEATTLE'S BEST OUTDOOR MAKE-OUT SPOTS... 

Craig S. The Stern of a ferry sailing away from Seattle.

Taeya P. Alki Beach Park

Jack's own Jason Megatron BurrowsMarshall Park at 7th & Highland! (Just down the street from Kerry Park, overlooking the Space Needle)

Anna S. Not my Park when it's not crazy busy and Alki Beach

Steve D. Bhy Kracke Park on Queen Anne

Becky G. On top of the Space Needle

Bill Next to the troll! 

And, from the comedians..

Bruce B. Let me do some research and get back to you on this...

Jerry S. Aurora Ave... 

Finally, mine: Ursula Judkins Viewpoint in Magnolia.

Have fun! Stay appropriate! And above the belt!

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