Parents Facing Backlash For Young Kids' Wedding Photo Shoot

Two moms who are also photographers decided to have their kids team up for a photoshoot, but the Internet took issue with the pictures they posted. 

The shots show Ella, age 3, and Sullivan, age 5, pretending that they are getting married, but some people on Twitter saw it as something else. 

One of the moms told Buzzfeed that she was surprised and saddened by the backlash, explaining, 

"I don't understand how people can take something done for fun and innocently and turn it into anything sexual... If I ever thought that anyone would have come to that conclusion I would have never done this with my child."Now they are being cyber-bullied but insist they didn't mean to offend anyone. She stated,

"Everyone is entitled to [an opinion], you don't have to like everything that you see on Facebook or social media. But remember that somebody's on the other end of that feedback you're giving. Kindness goes a long way."